What sets us apart?

what sets us apart from our competitors:

  • Dedicated executives

Our team of dedicated executives are experts in logistics, providing you with the best-in-class service you deserve.

  • Global partnerships

We have established strong partnerships with businesses across the globe, allowing us to offer you a comprehensive logistics solution that meets your specific needs in the shortest possible time and at minimum rates.

  • Leading-edge technology

We use the latest technology to improve our services, providing you with a cutting-edge logistics solution that ensures your shipments arrive safely and on time.

  • Guaranteed safe delivery

We guarantee that your shipments will arrive safely at their destinations within the specified time frame.

  • Institute Cargo Clauses (A) - All Risks (Comprehensive Coverage)

Protecting your shipments against all damages that transported cargo may suffer from the departure warehouse until it reaches the destination warehouse, it also covers loading, unloading, and partial damages.

In this way, the export and import of cargo has become safer, simpler and more effective.

  • Seamless service

Our door-to-door service ensures that your shipments are delivered quickly and efficiently, with no hassle or fuss.

  • E-Commerce integration

Our platform is fully integrated with all the channels you need, making it easy for you to connect your website or mobile app with our platform.

  • E-Commerce fulfillment

We offer a full array of E-Commerce fulfillment services, with full automation and error-free service standards that meet the best international standards.

  • Industry-specific solutions

We have dedicated employees who specialize in various industries, including textiles, electronics, oil & gas, Defense industries, furniture, drugs, cosmetics, marble, raw materials, and more.

  • Fast customs procedures

We offer the fastest and safest customs procedures to destinations worldwide, especially to countries like Russia, Germany, USA, Canada, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

  • Automatic notification

We provide automatic departure and arrival notification to customers via email, keeping you informed throughout the shipment process.

  • Uninterrupted service

Our customer representatives monitor your operations in real-time, ensuring you receive uninterrupted service that meets your specific needs.

  • Direct agency agreements

We work directly with Customs Terminals, without any intermediary brokers, ensuring quick and efficient service.

  • Customs clearance

We carry out your shipment customs clearance transactions quickly, on time, properly, and with realistic prices, unlike temporary storage warehouses that are located outside customs.

  • Legal compliance

We provide full legal documents to ensure legal compliance with import and export regulations.

  • Superior warehousing and distribution

We use modern warehouse software systems in our warehouses and distribution center services in Turkey and abroad, your shipments are secured by new advanced camera systems and high-quality experienced personnel.

  • Shipment Preparing

We carry out QR-code marking, bar-coding, packaging and other operations in our warehouses to prepare your shipment for export operations.

  • Shipment tracking

Our tracking system ensures that your shipment is delivered within the specified time, giving you peace of mind.

  • International project management

We are the best for international complex project management due to our commitment to using the latest technologies and our strong partnerships worldwide.

  • R&D Innovative solutions

Our engineers and software staff are collaborating with our expert operations staff to develop innovative techniques and pioneering customizable software solutions that meet your unique needs.