Customs Service

"OLIMPIK GAMA Logistics" provides customer service services for cargo transported by all vehicles, in addition to products related to transportation.

Conditions for their qualification, its taxation as a whole. We provide services in all areas of all foreign economic activities.

OLIMPIK GAMA operates today as trained and experienced in cooperation with customs agencies. For this, it guides teaching the order and allows you to complete the pleasure process.

  • Import;
  • Export;
  • Other state regimes.

Customs clearance standard package:

  • In export leasing;
  • In the ability to play imports;
  • In the operation and customs clearance of cargoes;
  • Placement of cargo in customs warehouses and other warehouses;
  • In environments in which different certificates, licenses and other areas related to their commercialization;
  • In the regulation of foreign economic contracts;
  • Calculation of customs duties;

Both the cargo owner and the customs broker can carry out the necessary customs operations for the transportation of cargoes from the state borders. Because there are new amendments and laws in customs laws, of course, the professional who knows all these subtleties does the work related to customs operations in the best way.

In this case, the export and import of cargo becomes simpler and more effective.

It is carried out following the international transportation of cargoes.

The customs broker's guarantee that its services will be of high quality and professional is processed by the specially signed agreement text regulating the relations between the customer and the customs broker. We are confident that our cooperation will yield results.


It covers the damages that may occur during crash, collision, fire, explosion, loading, transfer and unloading of the goods transported by land-air-sea, within the terms of the policy. Optionally, guarantee is provided against Warehouse Guarantee, Transfer Guarantee, Initial Shipment, End Shipment and War Strike guarantees.

Institute Cargo Clauses (A) - All Risks (Comprehensive Coverage): It protects against all damages that the transported cargo will suffer from until it reaches the destination warehouse. Includes loading, unloading, and collateral for partial damage.

The responsibilities of department officers are as follows:

  • Acceptance of cargoes in temporary storage warehouses;
  • Control of shipping times of loads;
  • Issue of cargo from temporary storage depots;
  • Insuring the cargoes in responsible custody;
  • Processing of export and import documents;
  • Closing of export returns;
  • Inviting independent experts to determine the quality and quantity of the loads when necessary.

In close cooperation with the customs departments, the cargo consolidation service performs the customs clearance of the cargo in temporary storage warehouses.

The stability and high professionalism of the officers of the consolidation service gives the opportunity to seriously reduce the expenses of customers, relieve customers from unnecessary worries, both door-to-door and regular compliance with the more common conditions of CIF, CPT, FOB, as well as the chart of shipment of cargo from warehouses.