Summary of 2023

Dear partners and clients,
We wish you a Happy New Year 2024! We wish you great success and prosperity in the new year.
May this year be full of new opportunities and prosperity in both business and personal life.
In the past year 2023, we, OLIMPIK GAMA have made significant achievements that we would like to share with you:
In the past year, we have made significant strides in streamlining and better integration between departments. We improved the capabilities of our road, ocean and air transportation departments.
We dramatically expanded our agency network by actively working with partners such as WCA, GLA, Active Freight Network, JCTrans, FIATA, IATA, Amazon SPN and other leading agencies.
This has enabled us to expand the geography and quality of our services, ensuring that our customers receive the most efficient and reliable transportation possible.
Logistics Optimization:
We have successfully reduced transit times for pickup and delivery of cargo from Europe on the Turkey-Russia route, speeding up all logistics processes in other parts of the world and increasing the efficiency of our deliveries.
Expanding export opportunities:
Our interest in exporting from Turkey to CIS countries has always been high. We have strengthened our warehousing capabilities at our central warehouse in Başakşehir Istanbul with additional equipment. For your convenience, we have expanded our network of receiving points in 12 regions of Turkey and opened 48 receiving points. In the remaining 70 regions we have set up an agent network providing pickup and delivery to the central warehouse within 48 hours.
Improved Transit Warehousing Capabilities:
We significantly increased the capacity of our transit warehouse. We were able to reduce the turnaround time and processing time for redirected and reissued shipments, and more quickly organize marking and labeling work at the request of customers. In addition, we purchased additional electric trucks to significantly accelerate loading and unloading operations, expanded the zone of ADR cargo acceptance and are working on increasing the area of our warehouse.
Cargo declaration and storage:
Our company offers high quality cargo declaration and storage services. We provide a full cycle of electronic invoices and customs declarations, guaranteeing the professionalism of our colleagues from the declarant department.
We have created our own express delivery service OLEX:
Great news is the opening of the OLEX express delivery service, expanding its capabilities to 240 countries!
We are your trusted partner for door-to-door delivery, ensuring your success and growth.
With us, your business is at the center of global transportation!
Staffing and operations staffing increases:
We have expanded our team with new international logistics specialists.
OLIMPIK GAMA now has more tellers and account managers.
All our partners can count on personalized and professional support for all your inquiries.
We are convinced that our partnership can become even more successful by optimizing logistics processes and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.
If you are interested in more detailed information or would like to discuss cooperation opportunities, we are always ready to provide additional materials or organize a meeting for discussion.

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